Discover Business Unusual

The Hero Video The campaign’s hero anthem video tells the story of Prescott’s high-tech capabilities mixed with the town’s high-touch culture, featuring real business leaders and entrepreneurs who have already happily made their escapes to the mountain town.       The Logo It wouldn’t have been a bold new campaign without a bold new […]

Iconic Summer Mashup

The Recap We dare you to watch this video without breaking out in The Running Man.     The Logo The Iconic Summer Mashup campaign deserved an iconic logo to match. Our goal was to keep the logo consistent with Bar-S brand colors, while still feeling as catchy as the music video itself.     […]

Now That Sounds Good

The Hero Video The Heart & Soul team headed to Burbank, CA where we persevered through the pandemic to pull off a commercial shoot like never before. No bottle of hand sanitizer was spared.     The Website All social and digital ads pointed to the Now That Sounds Good landing page, where users could […]

Savor Every Minute

The Hero Video We retrofitted an everyday city trolley into a mobile Italian picnic garden—accordion player and all.       The Logo Just like a slice of Fiorucci Prosciutto and a sip of Pinot Noir, an elegant and elevated logo was the perfect pairing for our sophisticated Italian storytelling.     The Print We […]