[Fiorucci Foods]

Savor Every Minute

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[The Challenge]

Launch a national ad campaign touting the vast lineup of crave-worthy Fiorucci products 
through an authentically Italian lens.


Living life the authentic Italian way means taking your time to appreciate good food with good people,

no matter how busy life can be.

[The Solution]

Surprise busy people by transforming one of their normal routines into a tantalizing Italian experience
worth Savoring Every Minute of.

The Hero Video

We retrofitted an everyday city trolley into a mobile Italian picnic garden—accordion player and all.




The Logo

Just like a slice of Fiorucci Prosciutto and a sip of Pinot Noir, an elegant and elevated logo was the perfect pairing for our sophisticated Italian storytelling.



The Print

We mailed personalized event invitations for a group of key influencers we wanted in attendance. And from branded exterior wraps to interior campaign banners, our print work for the trolley itself went a long way too. About 36.8 miles, to be exact.



The Supporting Ads

Since it would be impossible to reach everyone in Dallas, visually engaging social ads were used to drive online travelers to our campaign landing page.



The Website

Fiorucci products and recipes were strategically woven into the landing page, which offered those who couldn’t make it in person the opportunity to relive the experience online.




The Influencers

The food, the atmosphere, and the aesthetic were enough to make any social media influencer #obsessed. We even worked with a few well-known Fiorucci fans who helped us celebrate the event from home.

[The Results]

We thought the idea was pretty thumb-stopping. And it was obvious that our audience agreed.

20.6+M Impressions
880k+ Engagements
240 Paninos Served

Behind The Scenes

From remote feeds and chase cars to collaborating with influencers and even meeting Miss Teen Texas, we savored every minute of this fast-paced, mobile production.