Now That Sounds Good

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[The Challenge]

Launch a national ad campaign for the #1 Selling Hot Dog in America showing shoppers that Bar-S tastes as good as the competition, despite its value price.


You can’t taste an ad, but you can hear one. In a time when many suffer from stress and anxiety, 
sonic branding and the need for relaxing ASMR experiences is on the rise, and there’s no shortage of appetizing sounds associated with cooking, preparing, and enjoying Bar-S products.

[The Solution]

Take ownership of the common phrase, “Now That Sounds Good”, using a sizzling symphony 
of mouthwatering sounds to celebrate the taste of Bar-S and the moments we enjoy it with family and friends.

The Hero Video

The Heart & Soul team headed to Burbank, CA where we persevered through the pandemic to pull off a commercial shoot like never before. No bottle of hand sanitizer was spared.



The Website

All social and digital ads pointed to the Now That Sounds Good landing page, where users could not only view the commercial, but also add some signature Bar-S recipes to their repertoire.



The Supporting Ads


[The Results]

148M+ Impressions
8.9M Engagements
91% Pre-Roll Video Completion Rate
0 Computers Licked (Hopefully)

Behind The Scenes

We worked with Los-Angeles-based production powerhouse Tool of North America to make the magic happen. 
Check out some of our favorite peeks behind the curtain.