Iconic Summer Mashup

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[The Challenge]

Bolster the national Now That Sounds Good campaign during the—literally—hottest sales period of the year with a breakthrough, sound-centric summer activation (and a much smaller budget).


Nostalgia has always given us senses of comfort and stability, two things we especially need during a global pandemic. Many Bar-S consumers grew up in the ‘90s, and with ‘90s pop culture coming of age again, nostalgia can be a catalyst to connect children to their parents (our consumers) more than ever before.

[The Solution]

Team up with iconic ‘90s star Vanilla Ice to put a sizzling new Bar-S spin on a nationally beloved hip-hop classic and grill up a hot n’ juicy, nostalgic summer anthem.

The Recap

We dare you to watch this video without breaking out in The Running Man.



The Logo

The Iconic Summer Mashup campaign deserved an iconic logo to match. Our goal was to keep the logo consistent with Bar-S brand colors, while still feeling as catchy as the music video itself.



The Teaser Video

With the logo complete, the next step was for the Iceman to announce his resurgence in style.



The Entries

In our teaser spot, Vanilla Ice called on fans to tell him why they should be in the Bar-S music video. And boy, did they respond.




The Music Video

A month later, we chose a contest winner, packed up for L.A., and worked with Rob Van Winkle (yes, Vanilla Ice has a real name) to officially drop the hottest single of the summer on #NationalHotDogDay.




The Supporting Ads

Social and digital banners were used to first get fans fired up for the contest, and then drive users to watch the music video once it was live.

[The Results]

Okay, come on—Vanilla Ice rapping about big buns while dancing on a giant hot dog?

It’s no wonder viewers sang Bar-S’ praises.

44.2M+ Impressions
6.8M+ Engagements
12% Increase in Sales
1 Song Stuck in Everyone's Head

Behind The Scenes

We needed the right partner to bring the mashup to life. And who better to work with than TikTok and Nickelodeon-famous Ben Giroux, along with his team of seasoned parody experts at Small Red Cape Productions.