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Discover Business Unusual

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[The Challenge]

Get business leaders from major metro areas to pick up and move their businesses to Prescott, promoting the historic and remote mountain town as a booming tech hub of the future.


Building a business in the big city often means wading through dense bureaucracy and layers of red tape,
making “business as usual” an exhausting ordeal.

[The Solution]

Develop a multimedia, hyper-targeted campaign that showcases what makes doing business in
Prescott so refreshingly UN-usual.

The Hero Video

The campaign’s hero anthem video tells the story of Prescott’s high-tech capabilities mixed with the town’s high-touch culture, featuring real business leaders and entrepreneurs who have already happily made their escapes to the mountain town.




The Logo

It wouldn’t have been a bold new campaign without a bold new logo.



The Website

We anchored our campaign in a landing page housing all the videos and other helpful resources. And of course, we ensured it matched the same level of beauty as their sparkling new creative.



The Print

Who still reads magazines? Turns out—lots of folks. So, we introduced a series of print creative across a City of Prescott brochure and a handful of highly regarded business publications, too.

[The Results]

9M+ Impressions
31K+ Site Visits
2.84M Video Views
0 Excuses Not to Move to Prescott

Behind The Scenes

Our “set” for this production just so happened to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. That probably explains the impromptu pickup-bed photo shoot.